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Friends Only!
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My journal is friends only, but if you think we have something in common add me and comment here! I most likely will add you back.

My primary reasons for being on LJ is to keep in touch with my various fandoms, a couple of friends and especially layout making. However if the only reson why you are here is for layouts, you have come to the wrong place. Head over to gawariel_design.

Thanks, Charlotte

Hey, this is Sarah (Cold_heritage_1)
Add me back? i got a new user name

Hey! This is Brytni from I've switched accounts and am adding all my old friends to my new account. So consider yourself friended!

Hiya! I'll add you back right away!
Oh, and I meant to congratulate you on your fic! I loved it and you truely deserve to win :D! Go you!!

(Deleted comment)
Oh gee *blush* Thanks! *droolz*

Hiya, this is Meelie from UR. May I friend you? :)

Of course you can friend me! And I'll friend you right back!!
Sorry for the delay *hugs*

Hi Lotte, it's Empress Malfoy from UR. May I friend you?


Of course you can :D!!!

Hi! I found you through daughteroflight, We have a LOT of music in common, and you seem really interesting!

May I please be added? :)

Yes, of course :D. I'll add you right away!!!
Love your layout btw!

One of your layouts has been selected as a spotlight for the month of December at design_kitten

That's awesome!!! Thank you!

Hey, I was browsing & came across your wonderful journal. If you are interested, you should check out journalrating & consider joining. Thanks. =)

HI there! I'm Joy from :) Add? <3

I was looking at your design community and then I thought I'd see what you'd done for your own. Gorgeous!
How/where did you get the flowers in beige?

Thank you!
The flower is a brush from portfelia. I just placed different brushsizes over one another in a different colour to get the effect.

hey, I appreciate your designs ver ymuch. Thanks for sharing them with us.:-)

hey, this is midwintertears_ new LJ, add me back?

Wow, you like changing names, don't you ;). I will need to remember who you are, because I have difficulties keeping up :p
Does this mean your old journal can be deleted?

I don't know if you update at all or anything, but I'd like to add you. I like your designs and we share a good deal of similar interests :)

Hey! Sure, I'll add you back ^_^. I must say that lately I haven't updated much, because I just haven't found the time ;).
*goes to add you*

Love the new layout! It looks amazing! :)

Well, we don't know each other yet, at least... not really ^^; However especially through writing mails with you (due to you creating a layout for me), I really got interested in the person you are. So, would love to be added here so that I'd be able to read what happens in your daily life, what you do etc. ^^

I don't know if we have that much in common, so... don't know whether you want to add me or not. *hugs*

Well, thank you for being interested, lol. I must warn you, though, that I write very little in my LJ. My main reason for being on LJ anymore are layouts ^_^.

I don't know if we have anything in common either.
I must say I know very little about Japanese culture and, I'm sorry, but I really do not like Anime/Manga :S. Never did, and I don't see me changing my mind. I don't know what it is, but the animations just make me nervous...

BUT, the only way for us to find out if we have anything in common is when we learn to know one another, so I'll friend you! ^_^

Hey, I'm adding you. I was looking at your profile. Did you know that I'm exactly one month older then you. (my birthday is 7.26.84)

Kewl ^_^.

Added you back!

Hii hope I'm not bothering you here ^^ I just came here cuz I need inspiration to make a new layout for myself, I just don't know what I want. D: And your layouts are always amazing so.

Anyway I was going to ask how you made the navigation and the titles of the sidebar. Well, I know practically nothing about Expressive... Did you add code using the Advanced Customization? Or does Expressive allow you to do interesting stuff like that? I suppose the sidebar boxes each have their own classes so it's not much for them, but I'm really wondering for the main navigation.


The main navigation was made with a mix of css and html. Css in the stylesheet and the Html in one of the free textboxes.
In my case, because I have a layer, I added the html there instead of the textbox in the wizard.

This is the navigation css:
/*----- N A V I G A T I O N -----*/

ul.nav {
display: none;

position: absolute;
left: 50%;
margin-left: 151px;

html*.navigation {
left: 50%;
margin-left: 130px;

.navigation ul{
margin:0 auto;

.navigation br{

.navigation li{

.navigation a{
display:block !important;
font-size: 0;
width: 45px;
height: 90px;
padding-top:50px !important;

html*.navigation a {
font-size: 7pt;
color: #018CA8;

.navigation a:hover{
font-size: 7pt;
color: #6DABBA;

html*.navigation a:hover {
font-size: 7pt;
color: #04BDCF;
text-decoration: underline;

background: url( top left;

background: url( top left;

background: url( top left;

background: url( top left;

background: url( top left;
And this is what you should paste in the textbox:

I hope this helps ^_^.

I'm just here to say that your layout is amazing.

renaming tokien gone bad, refriend me?

Done ^_^.

The renaming took everyone of your friends list?


OMG you're HP fan too?! But, you traitor, you're hetter!! :P I'm also in HP fandom, but slasher, my OTP is Harry/Draco. Mutual love for Draco, at least. :D Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I friended you few days ago (I think?!) but I didn't read profile - I didn't know you're so young!!!
(btw, you've got some typos in profile text, hehe)

(Also, I have another LJ, which is fandom one, I don't post about personal stuff there much, but here it is, just in case I comment with it, I forget to switch. It's slash_eater )

Cheers! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Eww, Draco/Harry. *shudders* ;)
I don't really like slash. Never have really *shruggs* I'm a Draco/Ginny shipper all the way ^_^

I friended you back!
Me young? It doesn't feel like that most of the time. Pff, I'm in my last year at uni and I need to figure out what I want to do for a living next year. I have a small idea, but I doubt it will be managable...

Meh, I really need to be redoing my own profile. I've been wanting to do it for ages, but I just don't like to write the about me texts, lol.
(God, the spelling police :p. I will need to be more careful what I write ;) )

See you around!

I stumbled upon this journal completely by accident but am very glad that I did!

Things we have in common (and directly why I would love to friend you)

- We share the same name.
- We share a country.
- We share a love for alternative music. (and soundtracks)
- We share a love for the Harry Potter fandom.
- We share a love for the Twilight fandom. (I have Eclips, by the way)
- We share a love for books in general.
- We share a love for layouts and graphics.
- We share a love for POTC and LOTR.
- We do not like sports.

In conclusion ; I would really love to get to know you...

I just read in your interests that you love Edgar A. Poe, too! <3

Is it okay if I add your personal journal to my friend's list??

Sure ^_^.
We have a few mutual intrests: HP, Twilight, Heroes.

Hello Charlotte. My name is Elena, a.k.a. Clockwork Plum :), I come from Belgrade, Serbia, but I am half Greek too. I would like to friend you because:

We are the same age ;)

Kidding. I've found you while I was searching for layouts, and I really admired you. You have talent, girl. I envy you! Anyway, since this is your personal journal, I want just to let you know some things:

1) I don't friend just everybody, which means, when I friend someone, I do read his/her journal, and I comment when I have something to say. I am not aspiring to make a huge friends list, as you might see in my profile.

2) I thought we had many interests in common, (among the craziness for computers, LOL!) so... to give it a try?

3) I have my journal friends-locked, because I write personal stuff in it, which means, my thoughts, things worrying me, things happening in my life... and a meme or a quiz here and there.

That's all I wanted to say... I think... I would like to be friends... LJ friends at least :)))

Huggles from me

Hello Elena!

First, thank you very much for your nice comment here and at my community. It means a great deal to me that people like my work so much ^_^!

Second, I'd love to become (LJ) friends. I'll add you right away!

Third, what an unusual username you have! Does it have any particular meaning?

Je suis tombée un peu par hasard sur gawariel_design et j'ai été vraiment subjuguée par les layouts que tu as réalisé ! Ils sont magnifiques, vraiment ♥
A l'occasion j'aimerais te demander l'autorisation pour en utiliser un sur mon lj, mais pas tout de suite car je suis un peu débordée de ces temps-ci et vu que je suis arrivée sur lj récemment, je ne maîtrise pas encore toutes les subtilités.

Et puis de fil en aiguille je tombe sur ce lj et je lis ton profil.. il m'intrigue. Non seulement tu es belge, tu aimes le métal (hmm je suppose que tu as été au graspop), j'ai du voir presque tous les groupes que tu as cité en concert minimum une fois (tu as bon goût héhé), tu aimes Harry Potter, LOTR, tu fais des études de bio-ingénieur o_O... hmm Gembloux certainement et puis *tilt* je te connais certainement...mais oui tu étais dans la même année que moi à Gembloux (mais je suis certaine que tu ne me situerais plus !.. la première ça remonte à loin. (j'étais une amie de Astrid et Florence...mwoui bon ça aide pas vraiment )

Le pire, on a pleins de choses en commun et je regrette qu'on ait pas eu l'occasion de se connaître à la fac :'(

J'aimerais te friender... ça serait sympa si on avait l'occasion de discuter un peu. ha oui désolé d'avoir écrit en français mais mon anglais n'est pas aussi fluide que le tien :p


D'abord, je dois vous dire que ma français est très terrible. C’était jusqu'au 7 ans que j'ai parlée ou écrit français, donc je m'excuse et j'espère que vous me comprenez.

Puis, merci beaucoup pour les compléments. Je suis très contente que les gents aiment mes layouts ^_^.

Hmm, je pense qu'il y a une erreur. Je ne suis pas allée au Gembloux. J'ai étudiée à Louvain (je suis Flamande). Donc, je ne pense pas qu'il est possible que nous nous connaissons?
Mais, je le trouverais sympathique si vous voulez être mon amie. Maintenant, je vous friendees (je ne connais pas ce mot) et j'espère que vous ferez la même chose.
Je dois exercer ma français et j'espère qu'une amie francophone peut m'aider avec ça :).

Encore une fois, je m'excuse pour tous les fautes que j'ai écrit inévitable.


I've read you'r profile, and I think we have lots of things in common!^^

I love HP too, and I hated the last chapter of the last book..XD
Twilight <3 (right now, I'm reading Eclipse)

And I am a HUGE fan of Supernatural! (By the way, I love your moods with the Winchester! ^_^)

Hope you add me as a Friend!


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